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Hello there! This is the Boardgame Online Wiki, an archive of forbidden knowledge containing all you could hope to know about Boardgame Online, which is... a board game. That is online. I know you're just shocked by that revelation. Whether you're looking for the basics on how to play the game or devious strategy tips for advanced players, or simply want to know how the heck some item you've picked up works, we've got it all!


12 July 2012

  • The winner of the wiki competition is Recette!

3 June 2012

  • Looking for something to do? Shops are EASY to do and are very helpful as they help us fill out all the item pages as well.

20 May 2012

17 May 2012

  • Well, we need more activity here obviously. Keep adding things to the wiki.
How to Play
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Random tip

{{#random:1 |*Life Shield or Star Power resurrects only 3 times. Don't hesitate to overuse your Pacman (especially), Sword or Lightsaber to get rid of it. However, it can be difficult to use an item or skill when someone has Star Power since it can make you Incapacitated... |*The One In A Million Prize makes you win the game instantly, if you are lucky enough to get it. |*Donators have cool rewards like custom game chat font and color or golden name and special content. Don't hesitate to make a donation if you love the game. ;) |*Typing /help in the lobby chat will provide a small list of useful commands usable in it. A list of emote commands is also available here (those are not the same as the one provided with the /help command). |*Holding Control while clicking on a song in the lobby will add it to a playlist. }}

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